Entry #1

Welcome me!

2008-09-23 19:00:31 by TheMuteSiren

So I'm new! Give me lots and lots of love! Buahaha!!

Nah, but for real.. I like to sing and make music and what-not. I CAN draw.. but I CAN NOT make flash animations for the life of me.. o.-; So audio it is!

Please give me reviews and advice and stuff




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2008-09-23 19:08:30

although i can't really say that myself xDD
you has great art skillz 8D

TheMuteSiren responds:

Lol! Thankies!
I feel so welcomed!! ^__^;;;;



2008-09-24 20:27:37



2008-09-25 10:15:52

Héhé welcome on newgrounds little mermaid \o/

I heard your first song, and.. Whaaaa *_*
Make anothers like that ^-^

Anyways, if you want to post your drawings, use DeviantArt and post your link here ^-^

TheMuteSiren responds:


I just put up my DA site, I hardly ever update it anymore due to my laziness.. but.. there it is! lol

Thanks for the warm welcome! <33 =D!!!!


2008-10-14 01:44:37

you have such sweet voice...I think your singing is hypinotic...


2008-10-14 01:49:07

I've taken a look at your work...it is good very good...I can say that I enjoied your dar style

TheMuteSiren responds:

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my song, I hope to upload more soon!